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Campus Destination  is one of the most trusted, sought after and renowned services firm based in Vancouver, Canada which specialises in student visas and admissions.

We are certified study-abroad consultants and recruiters working with more than 100 colleges and universities in Canada. We provide students all over the world with legitimate immigration solutions and assist them with admissions to the best colleges in Canada.

The expert team of consultants at the Campus Destination provides well-articulated, transparent and precise advice to the students stemming from years of expertise to ensure that their transit to Canada is smooth & free from any hiccups.

Our team members have been through the same process at some point in their lives and can empathise with the students and boast of assisting and supporting a large number of students, year after year, ensuring that the whole process of their shifting to Canada is full of only good memories.

Campus Destination specializes in supporting the students with their college admissions and visa applications to Canada in the shortest time possible. We offer variety of services like Campus Selection, Visa Application Processing, Transit Assistance. Also we makes sure that the students are assisted with the process of finding a suitable accommodation suited to their budget and also in helping them find a part-time job.

We understand the importance of the giant leap you take while making this decision and we make sure that we provide you with a strong foothold when you arrive in the country of your dreams.

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Let us Introduce Ourselves

We are certified study abroad consultants and recruiters who are licensed by the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC). Our experienced consultants are ready to assist you with your Visa applications and admission to over 100 colleges and universities in Canada. We are strongly committed to helping and supporting the students who aspire to make the journey of studying and making a career in Canada.

We not only help students all over the world make a smart and intelligent choice about their study options in Canada but at the very same time, we also ensure that this choice is based on considerable research, analysis and reason.

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What Makes Us Different?

They say that  ‘Experience builds Empathy’.

All the advisors at Campus destination have at some point been international students themselves and have made the very same journey that hundreds of thousands of students all over the world are aspiring to make.

Our consultants now use the experience of their own journey to guide and motivate international students on their quest to study and succeed in Canada. Having walked on the same path to establish themselves successfully in Canada, and having experienced each thorn and pebble under their own feet, they now put their own footsteps in perspective to etch a successful and smooth journey for thousands of students year after year, a journey that is free from all the hiccups they had to go through.

Their personal experience provides them with a complete understanding, insight, and empathy and they can fully relate to the aspirations of the students who wish to study in the country of their dreams.

For them, each student is an extension of themself and is on a very significant journey. The success of each student is their own success and is as important to them as their own.

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We work hard to prepare every student for their professional life.

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Campus Destination  is one of the most trusted, sought after and renowned services firm based in Canada which specialises in student visas and admissions.

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